Your Portal to Exchange Files and Information

Efficiently integrate your stakeholders into your Microsoft Teams structure


While you are working with Microsoft Teams, your customers/partners/supplier/etc. simply work online.

Microsoft Teams continues to grow in importance and user numbers. The integration into the Windows and Office environment elevates the ease of implementation. In order to generate value added, the integration of stakeholders into your Microsoft Teams environment plays an important role. Therefore, we developed c4.TeamsPortal.

Your Advantages
Boost Teams Efficiency
Customer Cockpit for File Exchange
Responsive for Mobile
Multiple Languages
Multiple Tenants
Feature Overview

File Exchange with Teams

Often, your customers, partners, suppliers have yet to implement Microsoft Teams in their companies. Hence, documents even if they contain confidential information are still sent via email.

c4.TeamsPortal is used as an interface to your customers, partners, suppliers, etc. while your Microsoft Teams is used as file storage. Thereby, stakeholders are not required to download any programms. Only an up-to-date browser is necessary. Users do not know you are working in Teams.

Enjoy all features you are accustomed to, which include file structures, search function, multi-upload, file editing, auditing, etc.
You provide c4.TeamsPortal to your stakeholders who receive online access to the application.

Main feature of the product is to simplify an efficient file exchange e.g. between you and your customers. This is ensured by the c4.TeamsPortal dashboard.


As soon as you give your stakeholders access to c4.TeamsPortal, they can log into their dashboard to use the tool‘s features. You can define which features your users can access in the portal. Configurations include tile and list views e.g. for online forms or link collections, various text components, tiles for quick uploads via drag & drop, a view of documents last edited, etc.

Additionally, users can access information about their respective account managers directly in the portal including contact information and channels, all documents and messages, various settings for the user profile, notifications, the option to change the password or switch language settings.

What your stakeholders see in c4.TeamsPortal:

After your stakeholders are permitted to access c4.TeamsPortal, the dashboard is available to them. All elements, folders, tiles, etc. were either defined by you or together with the stakeholder.

As of now, the portal is ready for use. Files and information can now be shared.

Here you can see what MS Teams for your employees looks like in comparison to c4.TeamsPortal.

What your employees see in Microsoft Teams:

c4.TeamsPortal is integrated in your MSTeams structure as channel Portal.

Your customer/partner/supplier was created as Team 2/204 – workplace4 GmbH. The channels General and Portal can be found in the team. Each team automatically comes with the channel General. This can be used e.g. for internal communication of employees concerning the respective company (team). Chat messages and documents that were sent or edited in the channel Portal can be seen by both, employees and stakeholders.

CI Branding

In order to promote and support customer relationships, c4.TeamsPortal can be adapted to your corporate design (logo, colors, etc.). The respective account manager of the user is shown in the dashboard as well. Thereby, the feeling of direct and personal contact is presented front and center.

Email Notifications

In order to keep all involved parties up to date, c4.TeamsPortal provides various possibilities to set notifications.

As soon as a stakeholder uploads a file, the respective account manager receives a notification via email. This email contains information regarding the file/folder edited as well as a link to the respective file/folder. The same feature is provided to stakeholders. As soon as a file is edited or uploaded internally, the stakeholders receive a notification via email about the changes. This message also includes the relevant documents and links to the respective files/folders.

The notifications for both parties can be configured individually.


Stakeholders (customers, partners, etc.) shall receive bundled email notifications only once per day
Internally, notifications shall be retrieved every 5 minutes.

Notification Types:

  • Edited documents
  • HTML notifications to
    • ALL
    • Company
    • User


Additional Notifications:

  • Pop up dialogue upon login
  • Notifications disappear after X days
  • Edited documents are highlighted in folders

Account Manager Profiles

Different profiles enable you to allocate multiple account managers (internally) to one external user. Furthermore, stakeholders can switch between different profiles with single access information. This is especially useful when c4.TeamsPortal is used e.g. for project management. Thereby, users can be involved in various projects and easily join the collaboration on documents, etc.

c4.TeamsPortal enables quick and simple switching between projects the stakeholder has access to.


The integration of c4.TeamsPortal into your Microsoft Teams environment enables a seamless user experience for your internal users. At the same time, stakeholders can exchange files and information with you without the need to install or use Microsoft Teams.

Depending on the use and how you want to integrate the portal into your environment, connections to customer management systems can be configured, the creation of users in the portal, as well as the respective channels in Teams, can be automated. Additional security features such as „change password“ notifications and two-factor authentification fulfil prerequisites for your individual compliance regulations.