Handles more than your Phone Calls

Contact Management like a Professional


Let your computer handle your phone calls. c4.Phone provides more information about your conversation partner.

As an integrated client-server application, c4.Phone runs on a local server or in the cloud. The connected database enables you to manage contacts and their information in sync with Microsoft Outlook. Additional information can be collected through notes and the automated activation of Outlook instant search. If installed, files and documents created by the conversation partner are provided by c4.Hub.

Let c4.Phone prepare phone calls for you. All the information and tools you need in one application.

Your Advantages
Handle Phone Calls on Your Laptop or PC
Integrated Synchronisation with Microsoft Outlook
User-friendly Interface
Hands-free for More Flexibility
Individual Settings for Sync Times, Instant Search Activation and More
Boost Your Productivity
Feature Overview

Contact Management and
Call History

Our application can handle standard management functions like edit, create new, delete a contact. Contacts are managed and synchronized with your Microsoft Outlook contact list to ensure up to date information and seamless user experience.

An intuitive user interface provides various overviews of contacts and favorites as tiles as well as the call history including indicators for missed, incoming and outgoing. The tile format allows the display of additional information such as company name and address, email address, phone numbers (landline, mobile, private, business), etc.

Notes and Audio Recordings

Phone calls to deliver important information lack a dedicated space for correspondence notes. c4.Phone lets you take notes for individual calls quickly and easily. The information is saved in the database and directly accessible in the application. Thereby, you avoid losing information written down somewhere and randomly distributed around your workplace.

For additional security purposes, c4.Phone gives you the possibility to create audio recordings either automatically upon the start of a new conversation or subsequent to the conversation start. What is more, separated soundtracks provide clarity and additional security features.

Outlook Integration

In order to grant a seamless integration into your digital workplace, contact and information management in c4.Phone works via Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, your information is always in sync and contact management is as easy as possible.

Furthermore, depending on your individual settings, c4.Phone can initiate Microsoft Outlook Instant Search, displaying all relevant emails you exchanged with the contact who calls you or the contact you are calling. This provides additional information to the notes you can take in the application. Incoming or outgoing calls also initiate the display of the relevant contact information in the desktop window of c4.Phone.

Presence State, Forward and Conference

Status indicators let you see the availability of your team members and colleagues.

Depending on your provider, phone calls can be forwarded easily directly in the application. Similarly, c4.Phone aids the management of conference calls in terms of adding and ejecting conference call members. The individual handling of these calls again depends on your provider.

The comprehensive accumulation and display of information in addition to simplified handling enables more flexibility and increased productivity for the individual user.

CallTo and Chat

c4.Phone also acknowledges “CallTo” and “Tel:” links in the web, letting you call the respective numbers directly on your computer. Additionally, the same function is available in Microsoft Outlook if a number is saved in the contact information.

Reduce the switching between programs by starting emails with the email address in the contact information in c4.Phone. You can also use the chat shortcut provided, enabling you to set a standard program to start chatting with your colleague. Standard chat programs are e.g. Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.