FAQs c4.Hub
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Here are the most common questions we get concerning c4.Hub. Please look through the questions prior to contacting our support.

Please make sure c4.Hub is installed correctly. Then toggle the c4.Hub Add-In on to show it in the sidebar.

This is on purpose as c4.Hub tries to provide you with a fitting location to store email or attachments based on the context of an email. If you do not want this, deactivate this feature in the shortcuts on top of the Hub Add-In or Desktop Client window.

Make sure you activate/deactivate the automated heredity to manage your metadata.

c4.Hub connects to your system. SharePoint, Teams or your local storage can be used as storage location based on your configuration.

Yes. c4.Hub can be used as standard desktop application as well. Using it as Add-In in Outlook is just an option. When used separately, files, emails, and documents can still be managed via drag & drop between Office 365, SharePoint, Teams and your local storage.