FAQs c4.TeamsPortal
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Here are the most common questions we get concerning c4.TeamsPortal. Please look through the questions prior to contacting our support.

The following system requirements have to met to operate c4.TeamsPortal:

  • Office 365/Microsoft Teams (for employees/internal users)
  • Server to install the web portal
    • On-Premises or Azure Server
    • ≥ Windows Server 2012 R2
  • IIS web server (Windows feature) incl. .NET Core Hosting Bundle
  • Microsoft SQL Server ≥ 2012 (Express Version possible)
  • Access to MS Teams API


  • Access to the internet
  • Latest browser

Upon the automated creation of the respective teams/portals, external users receive an email notification. Various authentification possibilities can be used into the portal:

  • One-Factor = Username and password are used for the login
  • Two-Factor = Username and password are entered, then an additional notification is sent with a one-time password
  • One-Time Password = can be received via email or SMS
  • The definition of complexity criteria and password generation are defined by you.

The creation and authorization of users is executed through the synchronization with the respective external system via a script.

Additionally, you are able to manage existing users through the Management User Interface.

Yes, the user database can be synchronized with an existing Active Directory (via PowerShell). This concerns only the management of internal users. External users are managed separately.

Your Microsoft Teams structure is used to save data. Thereby, features and functions you are used to remain:

  • recursive, sortable, filterable,
  • Search function,
  • Drag & Drop,
  • Multip upload,
  • download, edit, delete, and replace.

The distribution of authorization is managed in sync with the AD. Additionally, internal employees can be configured e.g. as account manager on different levels (global, company = external, user = external).

Hence, you are in control of the distribution of authorization, the assignment of account managers, etc.

The dashboard for external users is based on a widget system with various components. The dashboard/portal is configured once according to your need and wishes with the following components:

  • Cards
  • List view
  • Text component
  • Quick file upload widget
  • Carousel component
  • Recent chat messages
  • Recent notifications

No, your individual dashboard is configured once. Afterwards, you can provide it to your stakeholders. Only the notifications for users, a company, or globally can be configured individually.

As of now, external users can only set their profile picture individually. All other data is synced with the connected system.

We provide you with a script, which sends email notifications for you.

The operator of the system is responsible for the invocation of the script and, therefore, also for the frequency of notifications.

Emails are generated and sent, based on HTML/Razor templates. These templates can be edited by the operator of the system (Subfolder “Templates/Email”). Additionally, SMS templates can be edited as well (Subfolder “Templates/SMS”).

Notifications can be created and defined via the c4.TeamsPortal API or the Management UI. Detailed configurations can be defined for:

  • all users
  • all users of one company
  • one user

You can send promotional messages through the above-mentioned notifications.

Additionally, you can use the Carousel component to display information directly in the dashboard/portal (unless this component was not included in your portal configuration).

This information is not displayed in the user interface. However, the database log saves this information.